Struct discard_comments


#include <toml/comments.hpp>

struct discard_comments


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discard_comments overload
assign overload
at overload
back overload
begin overload
data overload
end overload
erase overload
front overload
insert overload
operator= overload
operator[] overload
push_back overload
rbegin overload
rend overload
resize overload


Lines 352-453 in toml/comments.hpp.

struct discard_comments
    using size_type              = std::size_t;
    using difference_type        = std::ptrdiff_t;
    using value_type             = std::string;
    using reference              = std::string&;
    using const_reference        = std::string const&;
    using pointer                = std::string*;
    using const_pointer          = std::string const*;
    using iterator               = detail::empty_iterator<std::string, false>;
    using const_iterator         = detail::empty_iterator<std::string, true>;
    using reverse_iterator       = detail::empty_iterator<std::string, false>;
    using const_reverse_iterator = detail::empty_iterator<std::string, true>;

    discard_comments() = default;
    ~discard_comments() = default;
    discard_comments(discard_comments const&) = default;
    discard_comments(discard_comments &&)     = default;
    discard_comments& operator=(discard_comments const&) = default;
    discard_comments& operator=(discard_comments &&)     = default;

    explicit discard_comments(const std::vector<std::string>&) noexcept {}
    explicit discard_comments(std::vector<std::string>&&)      noexcept {}
    discard_comments& operator=(const std::vector<std::string>&) noexcept {return *this;}
    discard_comments& operator=(std::vector<std::string>&&)      noexcept {return *this;}

    explicit discard_comments(const preserve_comments&)        noexcept {}

    explicit discard_comments(size_type) noexcept {}
    discard_comments(size_type, const std::string&) noexcept {}
    discard_comments(std::initializer_list<std::string>) noexcept {}
    template<typename InputIterator>
    discard_comments(InputIterator, InputIterator) noexcept {}

    template<typename InputIterator>
    void assign(InputIterator, InputIterator)       noexcept {}
    void assign(std::initializer_list<std::string>) noexcept {}
    void assign(size_type, const std::string&)      noexcept {}

    iterator insert(const_iterator, const std::string&)                 {return iterator{};}
    iterator insert(const_iterator, std::string&&)                      {return iterator{};}
    iterator insert(const_iterator, size_type, const std::string&)      {return iterator{};}
    template<typename InputIterator>
    iterator insert(const_iterator, InputIterator, InputIterator)       {return iterator{};}
    iterator insert(const_iterator, std::initializer_list<std::string>) {return iterator{};}

    template<typename ... Ts>
    iterator emplace(const_iterator, Ts&& ...)     {return iterator{};}
    iterator erase(const_iterator)                 {return iterator{};}
    iterator erase(const_iterator, const_iterator) {return iterator{};}

    void swap(discard_comments&) {return;}

    void push_back(const std::string&) {return;}
    void push_back(std::string&&     ) {return;}
    void pop_back()                    {return;}

    template<typename ... Ts>
    void emplace_back(Ts&& ...) {return;}

    void clear() {return;}

    size_type size()     const noexcept {return 0;}
    size_type max_size() const noexcept {return 0;}
    size_type capacity() const noexcept {return 0;}
    bool      empty()    const noexcept {return true;}

    void reserve(size_type)                    {return;}
    void resize(size_type)                     {return;}
    void resize(size_type, const std::string&) {return;}
    void shrink_to_fit()                       {return;}

    // DO NOT access to the element of this container. This container is always
    // empty, so accessing through operator[], front/back, data causes address
    // error.

    reference       operator[](const size_type)       noexcept {return *data();}
    const_reference operator[](const size_type) const noexcept {return *data();}
    reference       at(const size_type)       {throw std::out_of_range("toml::discard_comment is always empty.");}
    const_reference at(const size_type) const {throw std::out_of_range("toml::discard_comment is always empty.");}
    reference       front()       noexcept {return *data();}
    const_reference front() const noexcept {return *data();}
    reference       back()        noexcept {return *data();}
    const_reference back()  const noexcept {return *data();}

    pointer         data()        noexcept {return nullptr;}
    const_pointer   data()  const noexcept {return nullptr;}

    iterator       begin()        noexcept {return iterator{};}
    iterator       end()          noexcept {return iterator{};}
    const_iterator begin()  const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_iterator end()    const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_iterator cbegin() const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_iterator cend()   const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}

    reverse_iterator       rbegin()        noexcept {return iterator{};}
    reverse_iterator       rend()          noexcept {return iterator{};}
    const_reverse_iterator rbegin()  const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_reverse_iterator rend()    const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_reverse_iterator crbegin() const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}
    const_reverse_iterator crend()   const noexcept {return const_iterator{};}

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